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7 Crucial Questions

My name is Ray Rice.

I work with my wife, Joy, and the rest of the Dallas Luxe Homes Team to help homeowners just like you to buy and sell homes.

Collectively, we have more than 112 years of experience. Our mission is to provide our clients with an extraordinary quality of service. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you will receive top level service in the pursuit of selling your home.

So whether you choose to hire us or someone else, we wish you great success and joy on your journey!

Read these 7 crucial questions below and find out if your real estate agent deserves the chance to help you sell your house. Click on each question to read our response.
1. Do you have lots of verified reviews or are you a legend in your own mind?

2. Do you sell luxury homes or do you focus on homes at the lower end of the price spectrum?

3. Have you done a lot of real estate transactions or will I be a huge part of your on the job training program?

4. Do you have a foolproof plan that can help me to find a home even when inventory is tight?

5. Have you committed yourself to real estate on a full-time basis or does another job compete for your attention?

6. Are you a skilled, well-trained, tough negotiator? 7. Can you guarantee that I’ll find a home to buy?

Ray Rice, Dallas Luxe Homes