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Easy Exit Listing Agreement

Take the Risk Out of Listing Your Home

Dallas Luxe Homes wants to help you sell your home. We have proven systems in place that can get your home sold faster—at a higher price—than other real estate agencies.

But we only deserve the privilege of helping you sell your home if you’re thrilled with us and the job we’re doing for you. We believe you should be able to fire us if we fail to live up to your expectations. It is for this reason that we created the Dallas Luxe Homes Easy Exit Listing Guarantee. Here’s how it works: 

Give us a chance to sell your home. If for any reason we fail to meet your expectations, give us a call to let us know where we’re falling short. Then give us 7 short days to meet your standards. If we are unable to find a way to meet or exceed your expectations of us, we don’t deserve your business. If this happens, simply send Ray Rice an email asking for an unconditional release, and follow that up with a text to him. We will then send you—within 24 hours—a copy of the MLS data sheet showing the withdrawn status of your listing.

There are only two exceptions: 

  1. If an offer is received and being negotiated or
  2. If an offer has been accepted

However, if an accepted offer falls through or deal negotiations break off for any reason, we will cheerfully withdraw your listing and wish you the best as you move on to another real estate agent.

The Dallas Luxe Homes Promise: Your Satisfaction is Paramount

Your satisfaction is of utmost important to all of us at Dallas Luxe Homes. We’re bold in our commitment to sell your home… and brash in our guarantee that we have to deliver the goods on a daily basis earn… or we don’t deserve your business.

To learn more about how Dallas Luxe Homes can sell your home high and fast, give us a call today at (817) 409-6400. 

Ray Rice, Dallas Luxe Homes  

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