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Prepare to Sell Your Home in 7 Days 

 Preparing your home for sale does not have to be all too consuming or stressful. The following steps will help you systematically clean and make repairs to your home in a very short amount of time.

Day 1:

Start with the exterior. To get the ball rolling, make a “to do” list. Take a stroll around your house, and make notes about anything that’s not perfect. Take your time because you are most likely accustomed to the imperfections of your home going unnoticed. Perhaps you should ask a friend or neighbor to assist you by giving you their honest opinions. Is the front walkway to the front door badly cracked or broken? Are there any gutters that need to be repositioned or cleaned out? Do the shrubs need to be trimmed? Does the house need to be power-washed or painted? Plant a few flowers to brighten up your home for the spring. Curb appeal is a must. If the house doesn’t look tidy on the outside, you can potentially lose many buyers before they ever walk through your front door.

Day 2:

Move on to the interior. Walk through each room and take notes. You will need to notice even the small things such as the walls, tile grout, wood floors, carpets, windows, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Are they dirty or in need of repair? Do the walls and/or ceiling need a fresh coat or paint? Do the paint colors need to be neutralized to appeal to a broader range of buyers? Will people going to feel comfortable in this space? Is the room cluttered with too many personal effects such as family photos, pictures, drawings, and other various items? Arrange to move all the extras and unnecessary furniture into a storage facility. Please do not use your garage or closets for this purpose.

Day 3:

Organize. Now, sit down and make a fresh list. Determine the repairs that you can afford and make list of what you need to accomplish the

tasks. How many gallons of paint, brushes, and rollers do you need? Try to get the larger repairs like plumbing and heating problems fixed before the Comparative Marketing Analysis to give the house a higher suggested listing price. Decide which contractors need to be called and set a date for repair. Don’t get overwhelmed or overloaded but do not waste time.

Day 4:

Clean. Buyers will not buy a dirty house. They assume that if you have let the cleaning go, that you’ve also neglected larger maintenance issues. Take the necessary amount of time to thoroughly clean your home. In the interest of time, hire a professional to give your home the jump-start it needs to be maintained easily. Don’t rush this process this process!

Day 5:

Clear Horizontal Surfaces. Every horizontal surface such as windowsills, tables, night stands, dressers, coffee tables, counter tops, desktops, and sinks should be totally cleared off and thoroughly cleaned. Why? The less stuff you have around, the larger your rooms look, making the room open, inviting, and deceivingly larger. Once everything is removed, you can go back and add a decorative touch to random surfaces - but no more than one or two things. Fight the urge to put back picture frames and unnecessary candles. In the kitchen, try to keep only one or two things on the counters, such as the microwave and coffeemaker. Train yourself not to drop your belongings around the house, but rather put them away immediately.

Day 6:

Buy a clutter collector. These large, flat, and plastic containers can be purchased at any hardware store. When you hear of a last minute showing, you can quickly go around around the house and place anything out of place in this container such as papers, bills, homework, and articles of clothing. Neatly close up the box, and place it in an out- of-sight place.

Day 7:

Focal Areas. Once your property has been repaired, decluttered, and thoroughly cleaned, create some focal points by determining the best feature in each room.

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